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COM: At My Hands
The routine days had always been X’s favorite.
On routine days, he would clock into HQ and do several things: he’d help train members of his unit that needed some help, do paperwork that he needed to catch up on (and sometimes Zero’s; as much as he liked his friend, the other was bad at paperwork), and general upkeep that needed to be done on a military base. He wouldn’t need to go out and fight, and he especially wouldn’t need to go out and deal with a major crisis like Sigma (or, more recently, the Nightmares).
He’d even recently signed up for navigator training, wanting to not be so specialized that he couldn’t do anything else in an emergency.
Good navigators were extremely hard to find. Alia, bless her, was the only senior navigator left, and she needed a break from all the issues that she had been dealing with, and with her being one of his closer friends – they always teamed up if they had a mission – he was more than happy t
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Some art, fanfiction, original prose, and stamps I enjoyed enough to want to share with other people. Click 'em!

Look, I have nothing against smut RP unto itself and nothing against those who enjoy and participate in it. I understand it can really give a level of satisfaction to a romantic arc that for some people just can't be expressed well enough otherwise, or behave as a safe place to enjoy sexual content as opposed to, you know, the dangers of doing it for real. So please don't take any of what I'm about to say the wrong way if you are, in fact, a smut RPer.This is about me and my own reasons that I'm not, not about why you shouldn't be doing it. Because if you enjoy it, and you're all consenting adults with no complications like a spouse who doesn't approve, then by all means, you should enjoy it. Smut it up. :heart:

This stems from a frustration that is mostly about people telling me it's okay that I don't do it, then dropping the RP when it becomes clear that I meant it when I said I don't do it. Did you think I would change my mind or something by the time we got to that point?

Look, I used to do it, way back when I first started RP (partly because I was naiive enough to believe it was pretty much required), but I don't do it anymore. Here are several reasons why.

:bulletblue: There is absolutely no way to guarantee my partner is of age. And I can get in huge, huge trouble with the law over it and end up as a registered sex offender. It's scary. Not to mention just the morality of the situation. That alone should be a concern, honestly. I was 13 when I started to RP. Nobody, and I mean nobody, asked me my age before engaging in that shit (I had no idea at the time that they should have been asking, like I said, I was pretty naiive.) Now that I'm on the other side of 18, I not only know better, but am super concerned about this problem, especially considering most RPers I meet are very young. The older I get, the creepier the idea gets, even for the over-18 crowd. I don't want to be a creep. Or whatever the female version of creep is. Maybe creep is gender-neutral. Anyway. Moving on.

:bulletblue: It can send the wrong signals. People got weird on me. Specifically, they thought that since our characters did it, we did it, and things got inappropriate really fast between us. I had to awkwardly extricate myself from situations between myself and another player multiple times. It got old. I don't want to do it anymore. Know how I know I won't have to? Because I don't do freaking sex RP anymore. Done. No more unwanted OOC advances.

:bulletblue: I have seen it destroy at least one relationship and strain others. Not everyone's romantic partner is okay with them basically having cybersex with other people. I. Felt. HORRIBLE having been a part of that. Here's a hint. If you are HIDING your smut RP from your significant other because you think or know they won't understand, then you probably shouldn't be doing it, for your relationship's sake. I'm married myself, and that just adds a kind of weird vibe to the idea, even though I'm sure my spouse would be okay with it.

:bulletblue: I just plain don't enjoy it. Maybe I'm getting old, but it's just kind of tedious for me as opposed to titillating. The story usually comes to a grinding halt until it's over, which adds an extra layer of boredom for me. There are other ways to develop characters and their relationships than actively playing out what they do in the bedroom. It's not terrible to leave some things to the imagination, or fill in the blanks in plain terms. I know the writing rule is 'show, don't tell', but in this case, telling me what kind of lover they are is acceptable and preferable to showing me.

So yeah, not my thing. I'm sorry that my stance has cost me a few otherwise fantastic RPs that basically stopped once we got to sex, or outright closed the door on starting one for some people, but I stand by my decision. Please try to understand. Don't pressure me, try to convince me, or just start an RP and hope I change my mind, then up and quit when it turns out I was serious. That's just not fun for either of us.

Pick your prize! What's the best reward for catching a kiriban? 

39 deviants said A full color piece of art with up to two characters
27 deviants said 1000 DA points
3 deviants said An extensive feature including a general gallery critique

What To Expect

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All are welcome here, anyone of any race, nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual identity, appearance, or disability.


:+devwatch: I appreciate every fav and watch I get. I regret to say I can't always return the watches, for the reason that I can barely keep up with my inbox as it is. Please don't take offense.

:iconllamabadgeplz: Llamas are returned.

:painter: I am a hobby artist and a role player.

:blahblah: Call me any pronouns you like. When in doubt, I'm a their/them/they.

:heart: Married :heart:

:floating: Friendly towards respectful religious folk, non-religious myself.

:) Friendly in general. Feel free to drop me a line. You may not always get what you want out of it, (art, RP, a watch) but I'm not gonna bite you for approaching me about it.

I prefer to keep specific personal information to myself and those I've known and trusted for a while, but there's your general rundown of what you can expect around here.


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